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After School Club


Music brings learning to life! 

If you have a hall or large space available, we can provide your school with a 45 minute After School Club, for up to 16 children from Reception to Year 2.


In line with our tried and tested formula, each theme is designed to help the children understand the world around them through physical development and musical understanding. 


We use a wide variety of instruments to enable the children to explore sound, rhythm, and tempo. The themed activities are focused on problem solving, team play, and movement exercises, using large scale props for interactive world-building. We also incorporate sectioned instrument play, vocal exercises and melody, as well as appreciation and understanding of existing music styles and genres. 

Would you like us to run a one off session at your school?

Working with your curriculum based topics we can give your children a unique learning experience, helping them achieve a greater depth of understanding for their existing knowledge, using a fun and creative approach. 

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