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Nursery & Pre-school

Why not book a FREE taster session?

We design sessions for 6 months to 4 years at nurseries and pre-schools around Bristol, bringing our tried and tested formula of music, movement and world- building to your setting.


Our themes are designed to help the children understand the world around them through physical development and musical understanding, whilst working alongside Early Years Foundation Stage development.



6 months - 2 years

At this age we focus on the sensory experience of music, using a wide variety of instruments and props the children explore sound, basic rhythms, and hands on play.


2 - 4 years

As the children advance so does their understanding of the world. To reinforce this, the sessions become more focused on problem solving, team play, activity and exercise. We use literacy songs, interactive world building and next stage rhythm and tempo games.



We are competitively priced, and can offer different options dependant on the age and needs of the children. If you would like to find out more please get in touch. Or why not book us for a taster session, so you can really get a feeling for what Little Music Makers can offer your setting?


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