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Mini Music Makers

Develop a love of music at an early age
Musical story-telling adventures designed for those new to the world!  ( 3 months to walking)
*Currently on hold*

This is a perfect introduction to music and singing for your baby. From a young age, your baby will be able to recognise and respond to patterns and rhythms of music and will enjoy being held, rocked, and swayed as you enjoy the adventure together. As they become more aware of the world around them, they are encouraged to interact with a variety of instruments and exciting tactile props. Each week we will bring you original music, played live on the guitar, that you can sing and play along to incorporating actions, signing, movement and sensory activities, to provide a solid foundation for your baby to grow and develop their own love of music.

Come and join us in our weekly sessions in St Annes, at The Langton, upstairs in the lovely bright and airy function room. Cool in the summer, and warm in the winter months. There is plenty of safe buggy parking downstairs. The Langton will be open for business after the session for all Mini Music Maker families so feel free to stay for a barista coffee, delicious homemade cake, and a social.


Our Mini Music Maker group starts at 10am am and runs for 40 minutes.

You can come along for a one-off taster session, so you can experience Mini Music Makers for yourself before signing up. Just give us a call/email and we can book you and your little one in.


Each session works is £6 for 1 child, and £4 for each additional sibling, and guarantees you all a space each week of the term. Siblings are welcome to come along if they are not yet walking. If your baby has an older sibling we would recommend coming along to a Little Music Makers' session, where you can all have a great experience, enjoying music and larger scale activity together.


The Langton has a large carpark you can use, you will also find street parking available. To access the pub and function room; facing the pub, use the left hand door with the small ramp. Through here you can come straight up to the session via the staircase, or take your buggy into the bar, where it will be safe to leave it for the whole session. 

The full address is: The Langton, Langton Court Road, St Anne's, Bristol, BS4 4EG


It has been recognised that babies who participated in music classes with their parents in the first year of life “smile more, communicate better and show earlier and more sophisticated brain responses to music.”

Recent studies have shown that music affects the physical, emotional, and intellectual development of babies and children and strengthens cognitive and sensory development.

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