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All about LMM


Are you looking for a creative environment where your little one can experience music? Join us for a unique adventure in creatively planned, music movement and song sessions designed to bring out the best in your little ones.

We are parents of two little ones, so we both understand how important it is to encourage their creative development. Coming from our own backgrounds in learning and development, music writing, performing and singing, we want to bring something new and exciting to other children, so you too can see them grow and develop as they explore each weekly theme with curiosity and adventure.

We use original and traditional songs, and varied instrument exploration and play, to support your little ones understanding of melody and rhythm, and enrich their understanding of the world around them.

Each week we use fun and creative ‘world-building’ activities to create interactive environments that will transport you and your child on a journey of new discoveries.

We will inspire  your child’s individual curiosity, develop their team play skills, whilst ensuring they have lots of fun in the process!



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