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We are Ali and Robin, parents, musicians, educators and creators of Little Music Makers. 


Little Music Makers came to life in 2012, after having our first child, we realised there was an opportunity to create something amazing for parents and children to enjoy learning together. We creatively weave together live original music, instrument and sound exploration, with imaginative games, activities and sensory play (for the youngest of Music Makers), all around our themed topics.


We bring our musical learning to a wide a range of ages, from the youngest of babies with our sensory musical experiences, toddlers and preschoolers with our world-building adventures, and music and drama workshops and storytelling for primary schools. Whatever you are looking for, we create opportunities to explore the world around you together through music.


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Ali & Robin


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Join us this summer for a trio of epic adventures to keep the family entertained! Specially created for families to have fun together of the holidays- HUZZAH!

Join us on one, two or all three of our awesome adventures :-)

Thursday 28th July- Superheroes save the day!
Thursday 11th August- Space Explorer!
Thursday 18th August- Little Music Makers' Carnival circus!
For one adventure it’s £7.50 (£13 for two children, £18.50 for three children) 
For two it’s £15 (£26/£37)
For all three adventures it’s £21 (£36/£51)
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Just fill out this form  arrange payment using the bank details on the form. We will confirm your booking once both have been received- and that's it! We are ready to save your summer!


July 2022


Did you know we write and compose 97% of all of our music? Not only that we professionally record it, and make music videos to go with it. Check out our Youtube page and subscribe to keep up to date with all our new material.

Lots of fun to keep you entertained for hours.... can you find Ali dressed as a sun?!


We know times are tough right now, and Corona Virus has stopped many of the activities we have enjoyed, including Little Makers, If you would like to support the ongoing development of our FREE material ,and the development of new adventures why not visit our Ko-fi page and make a one off donation? With our utmost thanks and musical gratitude!

WHOOP WHOOP! Parties are officially back! We can give you three awesome options to make your birthday party amazing! Want to find our more? Check out our parties page, and get in touch to find out exactly what we can do to make your Music Makers birthday one to remember forever!



We know things have returned to normal, but we will still be taking extra measures to keep everyone safe. All our instruments and equipment is sanitised each day. We will have hand sanitised available, and encourage you to sanitise your hands upon entry, and at any point during the adventure if you wish to do so.

Masks are optional, if you would like to wear one, please do so.

If you have any symptoms associated to Corona virus, Please do not attend. We encourage you to get a PCR test and only return to Little Music Makers with a negative PCR result, or after your 10 days isolation period. Adventures on non-refundable. 


For a little entertainment, and to encourage hand washing, Little Music Makers style, we have put together this little ditty to get you washing and staying germ free! Wash your hands with Corona Cat right here!

January 2022

Original music created just for you! Have a listen, let us know what you think...

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