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to the world of Little Music Maker adventures! a combination of musical adventure, interactive play and building worlds with your imagination- hooray!


We are Ali and Robin, parents of two young lads, Cosmo and Rosco, our intrepid explorers in life and music, who often join us for a medley of Little Music Makers' musical creation, usually willingly, (sometimes with a little bit of bribery), but always with a curious mind. It was Cosmo that inspired our first steps into the unknown, as we started on our journey to craft and create the world of Little Music Makers. We love sharing our world, and want to inspire families to connect and explore new ideas together through music and play.


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January 2021


Did you know we write and compose 97% of all of our music? Not only that we professionally record it, and make music videos to go with it. As a Little Music Maker member you will get exclusive access, but to check out some of our older videos, why to take a look at our Youtube page videos to see what you could be a part of? 

October 2020


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We have gift vouchers available £12/£24 where your friends and family can choose between 2/4 face to face adventure sessions for a little one and their grown-up (when we finally get back to normal,) or 2/4 weeks of live zoom, and extra content in our exclusive members page- for your whole household! Vouchers are valid for a whole year. So why not give the gift of musical adventure, so they can create a memory for life? Just get in touch to order.



We know times are tough right now, and Corona Virus has stopped many of the activities we have enjoyed, including Little Makers, which is why we are offering you the chance to become a patron, to support the growth and development of what we can give you, and as a massive thank-you we will give you lots of extras, freebies, love and adoration for you and your family to enjoy!

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Life is a little different at the moment, and face to face Little and Mini Music Makers has stopped (for now) as we adapt to the changing times. However, this does not mean Little Music Makers has to stop completely! We have now launched live online 

sessions every Wednesday at 10am, or play catch up later in the week. You will also get access to tutorials, songs, session snippets

instrument explorations, other resources, and exclusive access to our new online member community. Click here to find out more! 



What a great success!
A whole week of FREE lunchtime musical entertainment. We really were the musical filling to your day... right down to the final mouthful! Did you miss them? Not to worry! You can find all of them on our Facebook page, just click here to be transported to your very own musical extravaganza! 

July 2020


To encourage hand washing, Little Music Makers style, we have put together this little ditty to get you washing and staying germ free! 

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March 2020